The 2020 Swimwear Trends You’re Sure to Spot Anywhere the Sun Shines This Summer

Is it time to pack away all our loungewear yet? Don’t get me wrong—I love staying cosy, but I’m ready to shed all my layers, step into a cute swimsuit and hit the damn beach once social distancing is over. And I think once you see all the incredible 2020 swimwear trends, you’ll probably agree with me (if you don’t already). They’re all practically begging to be worn with your toes in the sand, waves coming up to greet you and a drink in your hand. Maybe it’s the lack of beach weather even in Los Angeles, or maybe it’s just those cooped-up blues—Either way, I’m about to ditch all my sweatpants and replace them with these chic swimsuit trends for 2020 only at

Whether you’re like me, and desperately need a tropical vacation, or just want to start packing for that beach coming up, the 2020 swimwear trends are here to keep you right on track. Finding the perfect swimsuit is difficult, but knowing the trends can help you to decide what style you might want to try this year. From flirty one-pieces to barely-there bikinis, these swimsuit trends are ready to be worn in the sun—or under an umbrella, if that’s more your speed.

Below, you’ll find nine different swimwear trends you can expect to see wherever the sun is shining this summer. Grab some sunscreen, a towel and one of these endlessly cool swimsuits, and you’re ready to have the warm weather adventure of your life. And don’t forget: Anybody can wear any kind of swimsuit. So don’t shy away from trends you think you can’t wear. We promise you’re going to look amazing.

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