TRANSPORT FEVER 2 Pc Game REVIEW Over the years I have been yelling a lot of strange things in anger at my Mac. My poor black rectangle was on the receiving end of all kinds of threats, attacks, and juvenile blasts. Nonetheless, none of them were as humiliating as when I screamed at Transport Fever 2 “use my boat, you pricks!”

I tried to modernize Scotland, you see (always a struggle, hohoho! Please don’t hurt me, wait for me to live in Scotland). Much of this included the building of a passenger train route from Fort William’s highland to the emerging metropolis that was Glasgow in the 19th century. I easily got the line setup, but those stubborn Highlanders declined to use it outright. The expression “there can only be one” often tends to apply to the use of post-industrial transport.


Several pricey ghost-trains and a tantrum later, I began to wonder if the question wasn’t the citizens of northern Scotland, but Fort William itself. I immediately set up a new bus service (of the horse and cart variety) ferrying Gaels to the station from the far end of town Result: Success! Use of the Caledonian Express started to pick up, and my angry red finance map gradually went up back into the black.

This combination of anger and elation sums up my Transport Fever 2 encounter, a game in which you turn idle rural backwaters into growth machines by linking them with ships, trains and automobiles. A comprehensive simulation of logistics is a joy to tinker with,

Transport Fever is simply a City flipped of colors: Skylines. Instead of physically expanding settlements and providing public facilities, the focus is what’s happening in the urban space. You make money by picking up things in one place and then dropping it off in another. Either individuals, goods or services can be that material.

For starters, let’s assume you have a town that needs bread. To supply the settlement with the life workers, you need to link a grain farm to a food-producing factory and then attach the factory to the site. You can choose to do this by bridge, create truck stops at all locations, link them to a new “Path,”

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