Where Does Mobile Innovation Go? Generation Does Matter

Where does mobile innovation go?

In the wake of recent modest global sales, observers say smartphone innovation has reached a bottleneck, as new devices include more repeating resource updates than innovative features. Others even predict that the smartphone era might be coming to an end soon.

But with mobile technologies like Samsung’s 5G, AI and AR, maturing quickly, users will soon be able to do even more with their smartphones. Instead of losing relevance, the next wave of technological innovation will make the smartphone more central than ever in our lives. Whether leveraging the increased connectivity or mobile intelligence of the next generation, a larger screen will be key to accessing future smartphone experiences.

The shape of the things that will come

Smartphone screens couldn’t be bigger without affecting portability: that was the thought that prevailed for a long time.

Instead of accepting the status quo, resolving the contradiction between screen size and portability and developing a new form factor became the central focus of our innovation efforts.

The recent presentation of the Infinity Flex screen at SDC 2018 marked the beginning of this new chapter. But creating a folding device wasn’t an easy task. After the prototypes of the flexible display debuted at CES in 2011, it took another seven years to refine the technology and deliver a truly meaningful experience for users. From developing new materials to overcoming mechanical challenges, the folding display demanded a total reconfiguration of the smartphone from the inside out.

Preparing for the New Age

The company’s staff claims that seeing a radical change in the shape factor of the smartphone in the coming years. From rolling and extendable devices to devices that can be folded in various ways, new formats are no longer something out of reality. Samsung is ready to lead the way to that future and create meaningful consumer experiences that help them do more than they love.

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